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how to cancel cloud service subscription

How to Cancel the Cloud Service Subscription

You can cancel the My Pantry Tracker Cloud Service Subscription at any time. Cancelling depends on how you initially started the subscription, iOS app, Android app, or PayPal using the web browser app. We do not actually handle any payments, all subscriptions are handled directly by the above services.

iOS App Store

If you used the iOS app to start your subscription, then your subscription is managed by the Apple App Store. Please see the following help article from Apple for the steps to cancel your subscription: Cancel a subscription from Apple

Please note, Apple does not give us access to the subscriptions so you must cancel it yourself. There is no way we can cancel it for you.

Android Google Play Store

If you used the Android app to start your subscription then your subscription is handled by the Google Play Store. Any Android subscriptions you have can be canceled right from the Google Play Store app. Here is a help article from Google showing how to cancel subscriptions: Cancel a subscription on Google Play


There are two ways you could have used PayPal to start a subscription, either using a PayPal account, or using the PayPal guest checked where you type in a credit or debit card directly, without using a PayPal account. Please follow the directions below for the method you used.

Used a PayPal account

If you used PayPal from the web browser app and you have a PayPal account, then you can cancel the subscription yourself from you PayPal account. Please see the following help article from PayPal on how to cancel your subscription: How do I Update or Cancel an Automatic Payment?

Used credit or debit card directly, without a PayPal account

If you used the PayPal guest checkout, meaning you did not use a PayPal account, and instead typed in a credit or debit card directly, then you must contact us to cancel the subscription. Please include the email address of your My Pantry Tracker account so we can look up your order id. Please send an email to: or use the Contact Us Form.

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